What to eat to prevent your bones from getting brittle

Bone HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 15, 2016

Bone health is one of the top most concerns these days, since we are majorly dependant on the physical efforts and activity that we carry out on daily basis. We walk, we run, we climb stairs, even when we lie down or sit, and we are making use of our bones. Not many are aware but we are supposed to take care of our bone health. Maintaining bone health is one of the toughest yet the most important task. As we grow old, our bones get brittle. Bone diseases like osteoporosis, osteomalacia and many other occurs with poor bone health. If you are not taking enough care of your bones, if you do not have a diet that is nutritious, you are likely to have brittle bones that can sometimes be cause of fracture, where your bone can break with a minor injury. The most cases where people are suffering from brittle are coming from people in age group of forty and fifty. That is why it is important that we start taking care of our bones from right age, we must have a nutritious diet. We must include calcium, vitamin D and minerals in our diet. Only calcium is not enough, you need Vitamin D as well. We must have diet enriched in calcium, such as milk and other milk products like cheese, curd and so on. However, only milk and milk product cannot fulfill the requirement of calcium, if you are vegetarian, milk products can be a great source of calcium but you must add few more things like green leafy vegetables and certain seasonal fruits. If you are a non-vegetarian person, chicken, and mutton, fish should be enough to suffice the requirement of calcium and vitamin D. Apart from that sesame seeds, soya milk and mushrooms also are a great source of Vitamin D.