What is the diet after weight loss

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 04, 2016

Often it happens that people work hard to lose weight and they even succeed to lose pounds but the real battle starts when they try to maintain that weight. Yes, although losing weight is a struggle but if you somehow manage to lose weight, maintaining that weight becomes another uphill task. Why people regain weight after losing weight? When people lose weight, the prime difficulty they face is maintaining a diet post weight loss. In this video, Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal of MediSkool Health Services tells us about the diet after weight loss.

After losing weight people tend to regain the lost weight and it so happens that people tend to go back to their previous weight in about a year and sometimes they gain more weight than before. As per Dr. Priti, you must do two things after losing weight. First, you should ask your nutritionist or dietician to put you on a support system or a weight maintenance diet for the next six months. Second thing that you must do is change your lifestyle with a continuous healthy eating plan and with a changed lifestyle with a healthy diet.