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What is the best form of cardio for your body’s overall fitness

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-06-22

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Exercising is the best activity that you can get accustomed to, for a healthy life. Yes, indeed cardio is something that you can do regardless of your age and gender; it is the most basic level of exercise and could include cycling, running and cross trainings. Cardio is something that you should do as cardio exercises have a number of health benefits and cardio exercises are not that tough, instead they are every simple and can be done by people of all age groups. If you wish to stay fit, you can any day start cardio exercises if you wish to lose weight, if you wish to have stronger heart and lungs, increased bone density, minimized the everyday stress, a better sleep pattern, an elevated energy level and if you want to get rid of anxiety and depression. Amongst all health benefits, there is one important health benefit of cardio that makes cardio the most hyped and advantageous workout of all time, which is reduced risk of heart disease and some certain type of cancer. If you have just started gym, as a beginner your trainer will make you do cardio exercises like cycling, running on treadmills, cross training and upright bikes and the person doing cardio will have to keep the workout at low intensity while not exerting their body that much. For intermediate level, one can upgrade to zumba dancing, masala bhangra, Pilates and cycling and the intermediate level of cardio workouts are focused on fun and fitness. You can do intermediate level of cardio workouts only if you are have been working out for more than a couple of few weeks now. You can later increase the intensity of workouts, once you are regular and have been working out for more than a couple of months now.
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