What is Leukaemia? Know Risk Factors, Symptoms and More

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 19, 2020

We all are aware of the sudden demise of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor who left for heavenly abode a few weeks ago. While every Indian knows about his death, not many know the actual cause behind it. He had Leukaemia cancer for which he got treatment in the USA for over a year. He was believed to have recovered. Leukemia is a blood cancer type. The cancerous cells are formed in the bone marrow cells and affect the blood cells. Leukemia is highly common in children but an adult can get this too. There are various causes that trigger this deadly blood cancer including advancing age, smoking, alcoholism, genetic disorders, family history, and chemotherapy. Studies have found that men are at a greater risk of leukemia as compared to women. It is very important to identify the symptoms and get timely treatment to control the situation. Blood cancer can spread rapidly which means that it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You must watch out for the symptoms of cancer and consult your doctor to secure yourself from this lethal cancer. 

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