What is hair reduction

Fashion & BeautyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 14, 2016

How often does it happen that you go for a full sleeved t-shirt just because you did not have time to go to parlor for your waxing session? Well, we assume, many times. Yes, going to parlors for waxing, threading and hair removal is one cumbersome task and most of the times we just decide to skip it. Well, this is not just with women but men also. Sometimes men prefer to look less hairy but then waxing is painful and a tiresome task. Indeed, a woman wearing a mini skirt with hairy legs will look different and then there are men who like to have clean body parts. Unwanted hair on face, hands, legs, underarms and other body parts are annoying and can bring embarrassment on many occasions. Waxing is painful, time consuming and sometimes it costs way too much and also, it is not a permanent solution, you can see hair springing out soon after the waxing session. Then comes threading, we all know and understand that unwanted hair on face look ugly and threading that is why becomes necessary, there is no escape. However, there is new thing called hair reduction therapy that can help you get rid of unwanted hair permanent or for a longer time, both men and women can have reduced hair on their body and face. Treatments like nano fraction and hair reduction requires only six sessions and you can see difference in the very first time. Each session take up to one hour and in six to seven sessions, the hair on face and body reduces.