What could be the causes of you knee pain?

PainBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 27, 2016

Today, you might have seen people with suffering from knee pain. Knee pain is something that can impede many day to day physical tasks, like running, walking, swimming and sometimes even standing for while. Yes, severe knee pains can make it difficult for people to even stay in standing position for long.


Causes of knee pain


There could be many cause of knee pain, it could be an old injury, or it could be Osteoarthritis. Inquires are not that common but osteoarthritis is. Now, mostly the elderly people suffer knee pain and when elderly people are suffering and the very common cause of knee pain in elderly people is osteoarthritis.


What is osteoarthritis?


The pain occurring in the knee joint area is the pain of osteoarthritis. Why does this pain arise? To know the prime cause of the knee pain or osteoarthritis, you must understand the full mechanism. In knee joint there are two bones, first one is thigh bone, called as femur bone and the second bone is tibia bone and between them there is a cushion or cartilage or a greasy substance. Now, the prime job of this greasy substance is to keep the two bones, femur and tibia from rubbing against each other. This greasy fluid acts as a shock absorber of a car, which minimize the jerk and prevents the shock. With age, this greasy substance wears off and the edges of tibia and femur bone start rubbing against each other, causing friction and pain. So, now you know the cause of knee pain.