Wearing Gloves But Still going Wrong? See How It Is Done

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 21, 2020

It is important to wear a good quality mask during this time as it helps saving you from contagious droplets, which can survive in the air. You must have seen people wearing gloves along with mask but not all wear them the right way.  During this pandemic time, we received plenty of information on the importance of wearing a face mask but little do we know that wearing gloves is equally important. Here, in this video, we explain how wearing a glove is important, topped with how one should actually wear them for proper coverage from virus transmission. 

Director and Head Of Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, Dr Udgeath Dhir says, “People are asking about gloves as to which ones should be used and how to care for them. To help everyone understand the basics of buying gloves during this time, we should opt for Nitrile gloves, that have antiviral properties. Also, for those who wish to know where all to wear gloves, one should definitely wear gloves where many people are touching the same surface.  But if we unintentionally touch anything and wash our hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water, that is equally good. Also, one should never touch the face mask with the gloves that has been exposed to surfaces.”

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