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Ways to keep your food more fresh for longer duration

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-21T00:00:00+5:30
1.3 billion tons of food gets lost or wasted every year and one of the many reasons why this wastage occurs is rotting of food. Yes, if you observe, on regular basis you throw at least some amount of food that gets stale. Food rotting is not a very uncommon thing and food rots daily and then gets thrown away on a daily basis. This promotes world hunger in a way. The food that you throw away can feed a poor homeless person but just because it is decayed, it cannot be fed to the poor people. There should be a way to preserve food, so that it doesn’t decay and can be either eaten or can be fed to the needy people. Now, there are artificial ways to preserve the rotting food but is it safe and healthy? Artificial preservatives are not good for health but if you are not using artificial preservatives then what. This video here shows you the natural ways to preserve food. Yes, nothing artificial just natural ways to preserve your food and keep them fresh for longer durations while reducing food wastage. You can stop banana from turning brown by wrapping the fruit in cling film, how you can tell if an egg is fresh or not, just place eggs in cold water one by one and eggs that float are not good to eat, so you can throw them away. You can prevent mushrooms from getting brown by wrapping them with towels before putting them in fridge; keep the bread in an air tight jar, instead of keeping them in fridge. Most of the times the flour gets ruined by the bugs breeding in flour, at that time you can just freeze the flour for two days in freezer bag to get rid of the eggs.
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