Watch This Video To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2020

Those who are working-from-home these days can totally understand the pain! It is highly possible for anyone working on laptops and desktops to get back pain. This primarily happens due to the wrong posture or wrong set up of the worktable. But did you know necessary precautions can help you get rid of back pain in no time? This video talks about how one can come back pain by taking some necessary measures. Back support can be beneficial for bad posture. Fold a thick towel or cloth and while sitting on chair or sofa, keep it horizontally at the lower back portion of your body. This can help you sit straight. Also, yoga or exercise is very beneficial for back pain. When you stretch your body, it gives you relief even after sitting for long hours. One can try bhujang asana for relief. Also, doing basic stretches in between work can help get rid of the tension in the back muscles. It is essential to take a proper diet, as well. Eat calcium and magnesium-rich food. The video also talks about how including dairy products, whole grains, green vegetables, banana and walnuts in your diet can make a difference. 

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