Fat To Fit: Vaishnavi Boora's Inspiring Journey Of Becoming A Fitness Expert

Weight ManagementBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 26, 2022

Overeating is bad for health and that is what happened when 34-year-old Vaishnavi started overeating while suffering from postpartum depression. She constrained herself from others after delivering her son which led to postpartum depression and weight gain. Vaishnavi started to put on weight after marriage and postpartum depression made it worse. She was dealing with postpartum hormonal imbalances that triggered stress and depression. In order to escape, she used to overeat which took a toll on her body as she weighed 90 kgs. 

It was when she consulted doctors, they figured out she has slipped into postpartum depression. In order to bring her back on track, doctor suggested weight loss. In the beginning, it was touch as her body wouldn't support due to lethargy but over time, she brought herself back on track. She started going to the  gym and faced various challenges. She didn't give up and this helped her lose 10 kgs within 6 months of starting her fitness journey. There is no looking back ever since.

This is an inspiring story of a homemaker who took up fitness seriously and is now a well-known fitness coach. A new mother who was struggling to exercise is now training many people. Watch her entire story in the video.