Treatment options for appendicitis

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 21, 2016

Sometimes it so happens that you suffer pain but most of the time you over-look it, considering the pain to be a common abdominal pain. Yes, stomach pain is something very common and people do not pay much attention to it, and often it leads to aggravation of pain and ailment. People must understand that stomach pain can be severe and might turn into something worst. Normally, when suffering from stomach pains people usually do not take the pain seriously and often it happens that try to treat it themselves and eventually the pain aggravates. You might not be aware of the fact that a small pain in gut can be something very severe like appendicitis. Yes, your regular pain in gut can be appendicitis. So, what are the symptoms of appendicitis? Most common symptoms of appendicitis could be pain around your belly-button, pain in lower right side of abdomen, loss of appetite, urge to vomit, nauseating, constipation, diarrhea, low fever and sometimes swelling in gut. These symptoms not generally signifies appendicitis and thus people many a time apply their own medication while when experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, rather than getting diagnosed properly people turn towards home remedies that aggravates the symptoms. The most common treatment of appendicitis is surgery, when the appendicitis has been complicated. Now, if the appendicitis has not been complicated and is at an initial stage, many good antibiotics and there are many other medications that can help and other than medications, some bowel rest can help. Now if appendicitis is at a severe stage, surgery is the last option. The first type of surgery is called laparoscopy and the other one is called open surgery, which is only done when the appendicitis is ruptured or burst.