Coronavirus Lockdown: Tips To Prepare The Food Plan During Quarantine

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 08, 2020

Due to Coronavirus, we are all buying more food items. But if you do not store them properly, then they can deteriorate quickly. Many people are getting upset with their overeating habit while living at home. Many people want to keep themselves busy to avoid the concerns related to lockdown, and because of this, they keep eating something all the time. Psychologists believe that to avoid loneliness or any fear, and people find happiness in delicious food. Dieticians say that such habits arising at the time of quarantine can suddenly increase the weight of people, which will cause them physical problems. In this video, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator Swati Bathwal advised how you can store food so that you can use them for several days.

Consume them

  • Carrots: It contains plenty of fibre which increases digestive power and keeps weight under control.
  • Beetroot: It also contains weight loss fibre. Its appetizing salad or juice reduces appetite.
  • Cinnamon: According to the report of Nutrition Science and Vitaminology, regular intake of cinnamon will reduce weight.
  • Fenugreek seeds: It improves the metabolic system of the body and reduces the desire to eat.
  • Guava: Fiber-rich guava strengthens your digestive power and aids in weight loss.

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