Tips for Heart Patients To Stay Safe And Healthy During These Sensitive Times

Heart HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2020

People of all ages are naturally prone to the novel coronavirus however the virus poses a particular risk to people over the age 60 and those with underlying medical condition including Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer. The infection can be caught by anyone, however people with underlying  heart conditions might be more likely to show symptoms of the infection or to have a more severe infection than others . The American College of Cardiology released a bulletin advising health care providers to take proper care for COVID-19 patients with heart issues:  

  • Make plans for quickly identifying and isolating cardiovascular patients with COVID 19 symptoms from other patients.
  • People with underlying cardiovascular disease are at higher risk for developing COVID -19
  • Advise all cardiovascular patients of the potential increased risk and encourage additional, reasonable precautions
  • It’s important for people with cardiovascular disease to remain up-to-date with  vaccinations, especially for the influenza and pneumonia.

Typically considered a threat to lungs, COVID 19 also presents a significant threat to heart health. According to recently published research, all the people with existing heart disease have greater risk. Experts say it is important for those with cardiovascular diseases to isolate from people with COVID 19 symptoms and take all necessary precautions. 

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