Tips For Children To Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown

Children's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 16, 2020

This coronavirus outbreak has not only affected the adults but also kids. Just like how elders are not able to go outside to work, children too are bound within the boundaries of home to stay protected. More than adults, being at home is difficult for kids as their mind is very sensitive in the growing years. Also, they aren't capable of understanding the tricky terms like coronavirus, lockdown or quarantine. All they need is play. Since there are restrictions on them, it becomes difficult for their mind to process the information which makes them prone to stress and anxiety. You wouldn't want your kid to suffer from all this, right? This video talks about how you can keep children away from stress during the COVID-19 outbreak. Follow the tips and give immense love to your child. From playing with them to doing household chores together to watching movies, all you are required to do is spend time with them. Utilize this time in strengthening your parent-child bond which would also keep your tot away from stress and other issues.

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