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Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-15T00:00:00+5:30
It is a worldwide ritual to have tea in the morning. Yes, mornings are incomplete without a simmering hot cup of tea in the morning. There are people who cannot even start their day without a cup of tea and then there are people who can have as many cups of tea as possible. Having tea in the morning is ritualistic and you will find plenty of people that start their day with a cup of tea, can have any amount of tea at anytime of the day. Some people deem tea as bad for health while some people say that tea is good for health. This video here talks about the fact and fact is that tea is both good and bad for health. Tea is bad when you are already suffering acidic issue, it can cause heart burn but apart from this if you are having the right amount of tea, it can have a number of health benefits for you. Watch this video and know what all benefits a cup of tea can offer you. Tea can improve your health if you are having tea with a few other healthy foods like lemon, if you are having tea with some lemon in it, it can help ease throat pain. You should definitely try some herbal green tea; it can help you manage your weight. Then there is Tulsi tea (Basil tea), the healthiest option in tea as it can boost your immunity system. Then you can also try the classic masala tea with an incomparable masaledar touch, perfect for the cold days of winters and rainy days when you are looking for something to uplift your mood. Now, nothing can beat the strong taste of ginger tea and the healing effect, yes, it can cure cold and cough.
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