Symptoms of chikungunya

Communicable DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 26, 2016

Monsoons are fun as long as you don’t get attacked by all the diseases that monsoon brings. Indeed, monsoon brings a number of diseases with itself. Most of the diseases that make people fall ill are because of the mosquitoes that start multiplying the moment it starts raining. Rains create very ideal and apt living conditions for mosquitoes. The stagnant water is the most ideal place for mosquitoes to breed. Monsoons are the times when chances of falling ill due to mosquito bite are high as compared to other seasons and thus people are advised to take extra care during monsoons. This season has got lots of cases of chikungunya. What is chikungunya? It is basically an infection, which is caused by the chikungunya virus. This chikungunya virus enters human body by the bite of mosquito named Aedes. Common symptoms of chikungunya include excessive joint pain, which is often treated as normal joint pain, but the joint pain that occurs in chikungunya is so extreme that sufferer is not even able to stand up. The second symptom is very common, high fever. The temperature or body can go up to 104 degree Celsius and can last for about a week. A sufferer might also have red patches on the skin, redness in the eyes and dryness in the skin. It is very important that we recognize the symptoms and treat it at the earnest because delay can aggravate chikungunya. Many a time, people try to treat chikungunya on their own while they should not.