Sumo walk

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 18, 2016

Walks are always an easy and simple way of exercising. Of course, walks are very beneficial. You go out in open, you breathe in fresh oxygen, you walk and just a morning is enough to endow you with a number of health benefits. To get maximum benefits, people play around with frequency. You can start with mild and slow walks and then switch to faster pace, where you almost run in a slow pace. People trying to lose weight often seek help of morning walks but unfortunately normal walks are not that effective and just the pace of walks cannot determine the effect or impact.


The latest in addition is sumo walk and you thought just right, it is a latest addition in forms of walks and you walk like a sumo in this walk. This video here shows how sumo walk is done. As compared to other normal forms of walking, this walk will have maximum effect on your body.


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