Summer Skin Care: Bearing The Brunt Of The Heat? Here Are Ways To Keep Your Skin Cool

Skin CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 22, 2020

The June summers are not just harsh but also makes it extremely difficult in a lot many cases for proper skincare treatment. Apart from going to salons, which now is certainly not an option due to the spread of COVID-19, one can make use of various home remedies or packs, made from scratch at home Summers for the skin to breathe properly. This video helps us make some extremely beneficial face packs get rid of skin woes like acne and oily skin. Hence, this video talks about the various home remedies for skin care during summers. Some treatments are mentioned below:

  • Honey – Lemon  Face Pack: Lemon aids in removing dead cells and blackheads from our skin. Whereas Honey has antioxidants. Mix them and apply on your face. Leave for 10 minutes wash it with cold water.
  • Neem And Turmeric Face Pack: Turmeric is known for its inflammatory properties which cleanse pores from inside. Grind Neem leaves with little water mix it with one spoon turmeric. Then apply on your face. It protects your skin from natural breakout and keeps it healthy.
  • Aloe Vera Face Pack: Aloe Vera reduces acne and blemishes and hydrates your skin. Add one pinch of turmeric with aloe vera and apply it on your face. It can help your skin to get rid of from sunburn as well. Leave it for 10 mins and wash it.

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