Suffering from Stomach Ache? Follow These Tips To Get Relief

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 07, 2020

Stomach pains are an irritant. They prevent smooth bowel movement and ruptures our appetite. Inability to eat food and digest creates a sense of fatigue, dizziness and slackening energy. While the causes may range from diarrhoea, generation of gaseous fluids to menstruation, a prolonging pain cannot be ignored. Adhering to some simple techniques, stomach cramps can be reduced to a large extent. Drinking sufficient water during stomach pains can subsequently reduce the effects. It is essential to keep oneself hydrated at such times. Normally, a person should consume an average 5 litres of water daily. Water helps to ease the flow of urine and eliminate harmful substances from the body. Consumption of water aids in blood circulation and eases the amount of pain one receives during cramps. 

Use of hot water bags is another method to effectively manage pain. Hot compression generated eases muscles in the stomach and relieves us from pain. One must avoid food items that might aggravate the symptoms. If you are suffering from an upset stomach, you must avoid the consumption of milk. Instead, curd can be consumed. Milk can generate swelling and gaseous pains in stomach, so it is vital to keep away from drinking milk at such times. Say no to spicy and rich food during stomach pains. Eating spicy food can cause burning sensation in stomach due to generation of gases. What next? One must avoid caffeine and chocolates. Diet rich in caffeine and related products along with cocoa is one of the major reasons for undulating stomach pains. Caffeine is known to loosen solid undigested matter creating complications during excretion and smooth passage of waste materials from the body. Following these simple tips can help you cope up with stomach pains without heavy reliance on medication.

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