Stretch marks and treatments for removal

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 23, 2016

Stretch marks are one of the most common problems faced by people. Stretch marks look ugly and it can be very embarrassing, if you have stretch marks on a body part that is exposed. Yes, indeed you can get stretch marks anywhere on your body, such as arms, forearms, triceps, lower back but the most common places where people get stretch marks are buttocks, thighs, lower portion of your belly. There could be many causes of getting stretch marks. When someone is fat and tries to lose weight, gets stretch marks on various parts of their body, likewise when someone with thin and lean body tries to gain weight, gets stretch marks. A person trying to lose or gain weight surely cannot escape the stretch marks. There is on every common of getting stretch marks that only attack women, post pregnancy. Yes, women get stretch marks post pregnancy. Stretch marks on any part of body will look ugly, no matter what. Now, when you have decided to wear the little black dress on an event but the stretch mark on thighs stops you from doing so, you have no choices other than getting frustrated. There are products available in market that could help you fade the stretch marks but cannot help you get rid of it.  Yes, there is no product in market that could help you get rid of the ugly stretch marks totally. However, there is one way to get rid of stretch marks, which is CO2 Nano fraction laser treatment. Yes, this laser treatment can help you get rid of stretch marks. You can see visible results with just six to eight sessions, in the intervals of one month. It helps in new collagen formation that in turn will reduce the stretch marks.