Stress and chocolates what is the relation

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 27, 2016

The modern lifestyle itself has become a problem. Stress, worry, depression are some of the most common bestowments of this modern lifestyle. According to experts, there are some foods that help you to stay happy along with keeping the stress at bay and when we are talking about foods that prevent stress, chocolate tops the list. Yes, if you are stressed, a small bite of chocolate can give you relief. Chocolate is an all time favorite, when people are looking for a feel good factor. Chocolate can actually make you feel food. Dietician, MediSkool Health Services doctor Priti Nanda Sibbal says that people in stress relief program are given chocolates. People having chocolates for continuously two weeks become free of stress. Chocolate has 70% cocoa, which is high on anti-oxidants. Chocolates release serotonin, which is anti-depressant. It also maintains the amount of insulin in body. This fact has been validated by a number of researches.