Some Mistakes That You Are Making With Face Masks

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 29, 2020

Six months ago, who thought that half of each other and the face hidden behind the mask would become a common thing. COVID-19 has created many changes around the world, and one is our regular life. Currently, there is no cure for the coronavirus nor any vaccine. In such a situation, all of us have only a few precautions to protect ourselves, which has become necessary for all of us. The most significant defence of these is masks or face covers. Whenever one of us has to get out of the house, it becomes essential for him to wear a mask. Recently there were also reports that the coronavirus is also spreading in the air. Because of which wearing a mask or face shield has become even more critical. Many experts believe that people should wear masks even at home, especially if there is a corona patient at home. At the same time, many believe that wearing masks only outside the home, especially in a place where it is difficult to maintain physical distance.

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