Simple Hair Care Tips to Brave The Heat By Dermatologist Dr Vohra

Hair CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 30, 2020

Many people complain about constant hair fall in summers. This is due the hormone, melatonin, which decreases drastically during this period. The scalp becomes greasy and flaky sometimes. One should know that haircare differs for every season. Also, those who have a greasy scalp should take extra care during summers for the hair may suffer even more. Hence, do not forget to change your haircare regime during changing temperatures. How to prevent this? Dermatologist of Fortis Hospital, Dr Deepak Vohra suggested some simple hair care tips for summer: 

  • It is important to use a mild or everyday shampoo.
  • Go for a pH-based shampoo for healthy and silky hair. 
  • Apply a conditioner after using a shampoo as it gives a protective coating to your hair. 
  • For extra care and coverage, apply a hair mask to not let the grease make its way back. 
  • Don’t leave oil for overnight.  Apply oil just an hour before you bathe.
  • Avoid excess use of hair dryers as it may make the hair more greasy and dirty. 
  • If you suffer from major scalp or hair issues, then consult your dermatologist 

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