Signs, Symptoms and Cure: All you need to know about dengue

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 16, 2019

India has witnessed a more than 300% hike in dengue cases in recent years. With the absence of any credible vaccine against the disease yet, prevention from mosquito bites remains the most important course. This week on Health Talks on the occasion of National Dengue Day we get you all the questions that you have on dengue answered by the expert in the field. Dr. Rommel Tickoo from Max Super Speciality Hospital is answering all questions about the dreaded dengue infection.

National Dengue Day targets to create awareness about the importance of implementing the various prevention steps to stop the spread of the disease. Self medication can be harmful to cure dengue. Watch this video and what exactly you should do during the infection and much more about dengue.

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