Put An End To Smog: Not Masks Or Odd-Even, This Is How The Pollution Levels Can Reduce

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 05, 2019

It is a growing concern for all of us, reeling under the danger of health conditions due to smog. We often end up relying on masks and purifier, thinking that it would be enough to save us from the pollution risks. However, one should know that a mask can be a temporary solution for this. Despite knowing what happens every year during Diwali, the situation remains grin year after year. Apart from taking these measures, Dr Arvind Kumar from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital explains what can put an end to this catastrophe for good.

He suggests that one should not wholly rely on masks to safeguard themselves from pollution. He feels that the change should on a global level. He says taking smaller steps can make a significant difference in controlling the rising pollution levels in North India. Banning crackers is the first step here, which should be followed by one and all. Dust in any form is a significant cause of this situation. He concludes by saying that ending pollution is not a one-night job; it is a movement that should be followed for a major change.

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