Planning To Travel By Train? Keep These Things In Mind For Safe Travels

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2020

With the increasing scare of the COVID-19 virus, despite relaxations in rules and regulations, one must still take all the necessary precautions while travelling in public transport. Even though social distancing is still a way of life, it can become a tad bit difficult for many people to maintain distance while travelling in trains, aeroplanes and even public buses. But the need to travel makes it all the more important for people to go for safe travels only. This video extensively talks about the various precautions one must take to travel safely in trains: 

  • Wear mask throughout the journey and you can wear gloves for your security as well. Carry at least 2-4 mask with you. Don’t wear one mask for more than 4 hours 
  • Carry hand sanitiser while travelling. However Indian railway will provide sanitiser for the passenger but still keep a hand sanitiser with yourself and timely sanitise your hands 
  • The new rule says that railways will not provide blanket and sheet, so carry your own. 
  • If your journey is long, then keep homemade and packed food to avoid eating out. 
  • After entering the train, avoid touching anything unnecessarily. Even if you touch anything, immediately sanitise your hands before touching your face or any body part. 
  • Maintain social distancing while travelling , and keep required distance from your fellow mate as well. Don’t leave your seat and sit anywhere else. Also, don’t stand at the entrance of the train. 
  • Whenever you buy a water bottle, sanitise it properly before using it. 
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes while travelling.

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