Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms: Know These Signs From Dr Nadar For Timely Treatment

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 06, 2020

For your body to function well, it is essential to have all the nutrients in the body. Even though we are healthy, it isn't easy to get all the nutrients from our diet. Every nutrient has a different role in the body, and due to its deficiency, many health concerns can crop up. Hence, not eating what the body needs can certainly help you shed a few kilos at a faster rate but can also lead to deficiencies in the body. Essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals help us stay safe from various diseases and lifestyle-related health concerns. In this video, Dr Namita Nadar, Head Nutritionist from Fortis Hospital Noida, explains how nutritional deficiencies can make us weak.

Dr Nadar says, “Symptoms like dry hair, bleeding gums, red spots on the skin and slow healing of wounds are clear signs of vitamin C deficiency. Just like that, our eyes can tell a lot about our overall health. Yellowness in eyes can indicate a dysfunction in the liver. Also, bulging eyes indicate thyroid activities. Another major symptom is of pale eyes, which is a clear sign of vitamin B12 deficiency in the body. Watch this video for more on how our body reacts to various other deficiencies.”

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