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Nutmeg and sandalwood face pack for scar free look

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-11T00:00:00+5:30
A scar is a mark on the skin after a wound or an injury healing and is considered to be the natural part of the skin healing process. It generally develops after certain skin conditions like acne and chicken pox. This condition may be frustrating for you if you are constantly being stared for this. In this video, we have provided recipe for one of the most effective packs using nutmeg and sandalwood. Nutmeg, the evergreen spice is a treasure trove of vital nutrients beneficial for your health as well as skin. Nutmeg contains a compound called macelignan that is known for its anti ageing effects. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. Many studies reveal that the compound macelignan increases the fat volume within the adipose cells of skin resulting in reduced skin sagging. Sandalwood is being used for centuries now. It is known to relieve you from any kind of cuts or wounds or ulcerates and improvises your skin. As it is a natural substance, routine use of sandalwood will help you to get rid of scar and marks. Tips of clear skin are incomplete without the inclusion of sandalwood into it. If you want to make this natural pack watch our video to get step by step guidance. The ingredients of this pack include milk, sandalwood powder, nutmeg powder, kesar and mulathi powder. Use only original and fresh powder to make this pack. The milk moisturizes the skin and retain its softness. Kesar and mulathi powder are known to enhance skin brightening by improving blood circulation and strengthening the collagen proteins. Try this wonderful pack by following step to step guide provided in our video and get a scar free look.
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