Mental Healthcare Tips For Pregnant Women During COVID-19

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 05, 2020

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting journey for a woman with mixed emotions. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are stressed and sometimes they are anxious. It is actually a rollercoaster ride of emotions that they go through. But the ongoing global pandemic situation of COVID-19 makes it ten times more stressful for them. The anxiety levels touch the roof which directly impacts the mental and psychological health of the mother. Not to forget, this would also affect the baby inside the womb. Pregnant women need to take extra take of their mental health during these times. Also, their partners and family members should keep a close watch on them to see if they are fine.

Changes in appetite, sleep issues, frequent stressful encounters such as unnecessarily worrying about the unborn and delivery, poor concentration, etc. are the signs that the woman is going through mental health breakdown. To keep all the negative thoughts away, women need to follow good practices. This video has some great suggestions to boost mental health during the lockdown period. Watch and follow to keep yourself and the baby safe & sound. 

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