Know From Expert How To Make Baby Food At Home

Newborn CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 05, 2021

Diet is important for one and all. Parents need to be extra careful with what they are feeding their babies considering its nutritional value and whether or not it is safe for babies. In this video, a neonatologist talks about the ideal foods that can be given to babies. Besides, he also gave some tips to make homemade baby food with available ingredients. There are certain precautions that need to be taken while preparing baby food. Maintaining hygiene while cooking is a must as babies can catch infection very easily. Also, cook baby food with steel and metal utensils. Feed only fresh food to your baby. Ideally, you must feed the baby freshly-cooked food within 20 minutes of preparation. Babies should be fed food that the family members are eating, there are no specific guidelines. However, baby food should be high in carbohydrates, protein, fat and other essential nutrients. In the initial months, give thinner texture food and then start giving solid food to the baby. Increase consistency gradually. The baby should be able to accept the food and digest it properly so that the food shouldn't affect his digestion. Do not feed extra sugar, salt and spices to babies. This can cause stomach disorders in them which may develop into diseases later on. Keep these pointers in mind.

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