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Isometric exercise series

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-06-17

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Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon that every individual goes through. It is indeed true that ageing is something that we cannot ignore or halt but we surely can delay the process or the impact. Though it is another fact that the prime signs of ageing are fine lines on face, crow feet, dark circles and a dull face but there are few other signs that start showing with ageing but get neglected. Signs such as deteriorating joint motion and stability, balance and stability and the ability to do normal physical everyday activities are the signs that are way more critical. There are physical activities that we do in our daily life like getting off chair and bed, climbing stairs, gripping on small objects such as pens and pencils and all the activities that include grabbing things with hands, moving joints such as knees, ankles and elbow and with age, people find it rather difficult to do all these activates. From early thirties to late thirties, people start losing their ability to climb up staircases, grab small or big stuff (grocery bags, cups, pen, and pencil) and that’s exactly the time when people should workout. There are many exercises that can be beneficial for this age-related muscle loss but the proven helpful exercise would be isometric exercises. Yes, you can definitely switch to isometric exercises, gaining muscle strength over time. Yes, isometric exercises include pushups, dead hang, scapular wall hold, bridge pose and more. However, like all other exercises isometric exercises also have their own set of risks like the risk of high blood pressure and one exercise might not work on all the muscles but then the best part about isometric exercises that you are not required to buy any heavy gym equipment and these can be done in the comforts of your home with least efforts. Watch this video to see different kinds of isometric exercises that you can easily do.
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