Is Coronavirus Dangerous For Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Baby?

Women's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 06, 2020

Recently World Health Organization gave out some important tips for pregnant women and new mothers regarding coronavirus danger and its prevention. It s said that pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes in the body which may weaken the woman's immunity. Therefore, they become susceptible to the COVID-19 virus which is an autoimmune infection that finds easy targets in humans with a weaker immune system. As per WHO, pregnant women and new mothers should take extra care of themselves and the baby, in order to, stay safe and unaffected with this deadly virus attack. They must include immunity booster foods in their diet to reduce the chances of risks. However, WHO denied that pregnant women and women who recently delivered are highly vulnerable to COVID-19. They need to just take a little extra care of themselves and the baby as a precautionary step.

WHO is still trying to find out if COVID-19 can be passed from an infected woman to her unborn or newborn baby. The research is on but it is better to stay preventive rather than looking for a cure.

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