Do You Have Questions In Mind About Coronavirus? Get Answers Here

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 06, 2020

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that has hit the world hard. Over a million confirmed cases and thousands of death have been reported so far due to this life-threatening virus. Since this is a new virus, even scientists don't know much about it but are gathering all the information they can. This video answers some major questions related to coronavirus that the public has in their minds. Questions such as if wearing a mask can protect against coronavirus; how one can get tested for COVID-19 and when they should get tested; how to stay safe while traveling especially air travel; what to do if one is suffering from cough and cold; is social distancing and handwashing effective in preventing against coronavirus; what is the right diet for coronavirus prevention; is there any vaccine to treat coronavirus; can the virus be killed in the hot temperatures and many more such questions will be answered in this video. You must practice good hygiene and wash your hands often for maximal protection.

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