Immunity Boosters: How To Prepare Amla Juice At Home?

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 07, 2020

Our body has a valiant immune system to establish a ‘flight and fight’ mechanism to build up strong immunity and kill disease causing pathogens. Recent times are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 and while we wait with baited breath to welcome the new vaccine, it is crucial to prevent our bodies from the harmful attack. When a swarm of virus enters through our nose, eyes or mouth, some of the particles are carried with breathing to the lower respiratory tract where the spike proteins of the coronavirus lock into epithelial cells lining the respiratory tract and air sacs in the lungs like a grid. A very ‘smart’ form of virus, SARS-CoV-2 is undetected for days than other flu viruses and its spike proteins gain entry into lungs by releasing ACE2 protein on the lung cells. It is interesting to note how viruses have a molecular structure outside their surface in the form of antigens that generate an immune response and pushes the immune system into play by generating the useful antibodies.

Looking at how crucial it is to keep our immune system healthy and functioning, it is easier to adapt some homemade remedies to boost immunity naturally. Amla is one such ingredient which boosts our immunity and should be consumed during winters to prevent cold, cough and sneeze. Consuming one-two pieces of Amla in a day or drinking Amla juice during winters keeps harmful diseases at bay. Adding ginger, pudina or coriander leaves to Amla juice scales up the benefits. Ginger has essential medicinal properties while pudina leaves are a rich source of anti-oxidants. To prepare Amla juice at home, we require 5-6 pieces of sliced Amla, one big spoon sliced ginger and 4-5 coriander or pudina leaves. We first need to wash all the ingredients together and blend them in a mixer. The liquid can be filtered and one can pour some salt, black salt, cooked-up spice and honey to enhance the flavour. Our very healthy Amla juice is now ready. It is advisable to consume a glass of nutritious Amla juice daily especially during winters. 

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