How to stop overeating

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 03, 2016

The kind of life that we lead today is not what we always planned for. Of course, people want success, a great love life and everything to keep them happy but to attain all these things, there lies a whole set of struggles and eventually stress is inevitable. People try their best to have a great job and success but since the road to success is always a bit rocky, people tend to take on a lot of struggle and when their struggle gets them little or no results, stress becomes only natural. Then a love life that people can only imagine about. Yes, a love life that is full of perfection but an overlooked fact is that nothing is perfect. When yearning for a love life, do remember that there will be tears, arguments and even worst, there will be heart breaks. By desiring for superficial things we invite stress and from stress, come overeating.


Why number of obese people is rising day by day? Indeed an unhealthy lifestyle is the prime reason but more than that a life full of stress is the reason. People tend to eat more when in stress. Gorging on food while crying over failures in love and relationships, not having a stable career and so on is something that causes you to over eat and it is not what you should do. If you too have started over eating due to stress, you must few simple rules:


How to stop or control overeating?


  • Never eat while crying or having emotional stress. This will make you lose track of your intake of your food.
  • Never eat to soothe yourself emotionally. There will be times when you might just eat because you are feeling low, which is wrong.
  • Make a diet chart, have a balanced diet.  Have a decent gap between meals.