How To Safely Use Public Washrooms During Coronavirus?

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 31, 2020

Scientists from all over the world are engaged in preparing its medicine and vaccine. Experiments are also underway on various types of therapies from already available medication. There is a sense of fear among the people, with increasing figures of infection every day. However, instead of being afraid, we need to take more precaution. A lot of rumours are also spreading on social media about the coronavirus. The government has been refuting these rumours and telling the truth. The Ministry of Health is cautioned about all necessary precautions towards this epidemic, and people are appealed to take all the required protection.

At a time when regular cleaning and sanitizing of home toilets is being advised, it is better not to use public restrooms. As the doors, handles, floors etc. are not cleaned properly. If you go to any public toilet in your workplace, bank, etc., then make sure that there is no lapse in cleanliness there. Default in cleaning leads to infection. Those who are not connected to the essential services, it is better if they do not leave the house. If you have to go outside to get vegetables, milk, ration, etc., then use the toilet at home, so that public restrooms do not have to go outside. Get out of the house only when necessary. There is a need to avoid all kinds of infections during this critical period. 

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