How to remove tobacco stains from teeth

Dental HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 04, 2016

Who does not like a pearly white smile? People want to have white beautiful perfect teeth but yes, it will need you to work a bit harder. Yes, getting white teeth and then maintaining the whiteness will need you to take care of your oral health. Now, you might have seen many people with stained teeth. Yes, people with a habit of consuming tobacco will tend to have stained teeth. How tobacco stains the teeth? The nicotine present in tobacco sticks to the rough surface of teeth. First thing that you must understand that consumption of tobacco is bad for not just only health but also for our teeth. Tobaccos stains on teeth can be very embarrassing sometimes.

If you too have tobacco stains on your teeth you just need to make sure that you clean your teeth twice a day and while brushing teeth make sure that you brush them well and try cleaning the stain well. Also, if you happen to have rough surfaced teeth, cavities, do remember to check with your dentist and get them fixed because the tobacco will leave stains on teeth that have cavities or rough surface.