How to recognize irritable bowel syndrome

Digestive DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 13, 2016

Wondering how to know for sure whether you have IBS or not? Well, there are no specific tests that can diagnose IBS. But your doctor will make sure to match the symptoms you are experiencing with the definition of IBS and then he may run a number of tests to rule out conditions such as lactose intolerance and poor dietary habits, inflammatory bowel diseases, infection. Your doctor may also conduct some tests to decide whether you have IBS or not. These may include flexible sigmoidoscopy to see if there is any blockage or inflammation in your intestines, upper endoscopy if you have heartburn or ingestion, blood tests to look for anemia and other problems like thyroid and signs of infections. Watch this video and learn how to recognize irritable bowel syndrome from Dr. Lalit Kumar Kurrey.