How To Prevent Teeth Grinding In Toddlers? Here Are Some Expert Tips

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 31, 2021

A child's laughter fills the whole house with happiness. But when the same child is angry, apart from crying, he also bites his teeth to express his anger. But sometimes it becomes a child's habit of biting his teeth when he approaches someone. If there are guests in the house, then you may feel embarrassed. So if your child grinds his teeth, it is better to stop his habit. But for this, do not scold him, but take measures to get rid of teeth biting habit. Let us tell you some easy and useful tips.

  • GIVE BABY A TEETHER: When a child begins to have teeth, usually the child bites the teeth. It is a common problem during a denture. In such a situation, give the children a teether. This will keep the child entangled in it and will not bite the teeth. Cold cloths can also be given to the child to relieve the pain during tooth extraction.
  • DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS HABIT: You are aware of what your child does, if he is learning bad habits, do not encourage him, but stop him instead. By doing this, he will forget to bite teeth in a few days. This is the easiest and most effective way to prevent children from grinding teeth.
  • TAKE CARE OF THE CHILD: If you feel that your child is angrier and runs amok, attract his attention to something else. Although you may have trouble for this, this will prevent him from biting his teeth.

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