How to make gums strong

Dental HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 04, 2016

Oral health is equally important as our overall health. Taking care of teeth, gums and full mouth should be a priority. Now, in this video, Dr. Neeraj A. Verma, senior dental surgery consultant at Apollo gives us important tips to make gums stronger. When you entire day eat something, it creates plaque on your gums that contains bacteria that produce toxins and certain toxins can damage your teeth permanently. As per Dr. Neeraj A. Verma, these toxins causes gum inflammation and when the gums are inflamed, the teeth become weak and may even start falling. That is why it is generally instructed that you must take care of your oral health by brushing teeth twice a day and clean the plaque from gums. Then there are certain other diseases that can make your gums weaker, such as diabetes, other endocrinal diseases, and also hormonal diseases can cause gum to go weak.  Periodical health checkups can help you determine any such disease that can cause harm to our gums.