How to make Diwali healthy for family

Festival FeverBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 26, 2016

When it is Diwali, all we can think of foods that are fried and rich in taste but surely we overlook the nutrition factor. We gorge on sweets, dry fruits and sometimes alcohol during Diwali to celebrate the festival; all in all we overlook what we are eating during Diwali. Now, when we are just eating anything and everything, health basically takes a back seat because of course when you are on a diet full of dry fruits, sweets, fried and everything unhealthy, you cannot expect to stay healthy. On the contrary, you will definitely see yourself putting on weight after the festive season is over. Yes, of course, you must maintain a healthy diet before, during and after festive season but due to the festivity you fail to and the reasons are justified. How can you just control yourself, when the only food surround you during Diwali are sweets, delicious fried snacks and everything full of fats and calories.

Still, if you wish to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle even during Diwali, you can definitely watch this video and learn the ways to make your Diwali healthy for your family. Eat sweets made at home, keep on drinking a lot of water and stay hydrated, when you know that you are eating a lot of fried food; eat also food full of fibre to balance the consumption. Do not eat preserved food and food color. Though it is festive season but do not indulge in alcohol.