How to keep your kids teeth to eat and what not to eat

Dental HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 04, 2016

Making kids understand the value of healthy food is quite a battle these days. First of all, kids don’t listen and second, kids are inclined more towards fast food, junk food, sweets and everything that is tasty and can damage their teeth and have absolutely no nutritional value. Healthy eating does promote good health and along with that healthy eating can allow a kid to have good oral health. Of course, eating unhealthy foods can lead to teeth decay, bad breath and other oral troubles.

Now, so that your kids can have a healthy oral and dental health, you must teach your kids the right eating habits. In the video our experts tells us that kids in age group of 7 to 17 years old should have a balanced diet. You must give your kids a diet rich in proteins, minerals, calcium and fibre. Kids can easily get fiber in fruits, vegetables and if a kid is non-vegetarian, they he or she can have a protein rich diet of meat and eggs. Dairy products are also very important. For a better oral and dental health, for more energy, food rich in carbohydrates is something that kids require.