How To Keep Bones Healthy, Strong And Flexible?

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 04, 2020

Bones are an indispensable part of our body, which are the basis of muscles. Strong bones are significant for a healthy body. Lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body is the leading cause of bone weakness. But due to some of our habits, our bones are also weak. Let's know about those habits-

  • Excess Smoking - If you are addicted to smoking, then quit your habits. These habits of yours can make your body bones weak. Excess consumption of tobacco reduces the density of your bones.
  • Exessive salt- Your bones also become weak due to consumption of too much salt. The reason for this is the sodium present in salt. Excess of sodium in the body slowly makes your bones hollow. 
  • Decreased physical activity - Due to the decrease in physical activity, our bones also become weak. Do you want to keep your bones healthy? If yes, then exercise regularly.
  • Alcohol consumption- Excess intake of alcohol causes the body's ability to absorb calcium. Do not drink too much alcohol in this situation.
  • Taking medicines on your own - Even without consulting doctors, your body's bones become weak. 

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