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How to get ombre lips

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2015-05-20

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Not all of us have enough time in the morning for makeup,especially lips. There are plenty of ways you can get gorgeous looking lips in less than 10 minutes or less. Here is one of the ways you can put lip makeup in no time.These days, it's all about the ombre lips! You will fall in love with this gradation of colour that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the centre of the mouth. To shape lips with ombre colour, you need to use two colours. Start out with the lip line, picking a colour that has a same shade as your lips. For example, go with a pink shade if colour of your lips is pink. Using a lip pencil, pull the pencil in slightly more toward the centre of your lip and then blending a darker shade over it. However, you can also choose a pencil shade that is darker than your natural lip tone. Leave room in the centre of your lips. The next step is defining the lines; use the edge of the lip colour to define the outer lines of your lips. Then, just fill in the rest of your lip with the same colour. Thereafter, use a dark colour in a V shape, and on theright on the centre in U shape. This is followed by using a craylon lip emphasizer right in the centre. Make sure that lip pencil is sharp. It should not be creamy or crayon-like.
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