How to deal with breakup

SnrBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 03, 2016

When you start a journey with someone, the emotions that you go through are indeed very beautiful. Being with someone is a beautiful feeling, having someone by your side, knowing that someone loves you can be the wonderful feeling ever but then nothing is permanent. Sometimes when people say that they won’t leave, they aren’t exactly lying but they just fail to keep their words and then one day, they leave. Yes, no matter how many times someone says that they won’t leave, they leave and you remain there to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and your entire entity.


Breakups are never easy, they are never pleasant. People come into your life, make you feel the luckiest person on the earth but then they leave, turning your life living hell because you are totally on your own and there is no one you can trust upon with your emotions anymore.


People going through breakups find it extremely tough to get over the person and from their past, it is very difficult for them to move on. When you are going through a break up phase, there could be a chance that you might just suffer psychological issues.  


This video here tells you how you can deal with breakup with these secret mantras that people coping with breakups must know.


A proper closure: There should be a proper closure. You must have all the answers; you must know the exact reason of the break up. Talk, rather than just breaking up abruptly.


Open up: Once you have broken up, be open about your relationship. Express your fears, your sorrows with your friends and confidants and you must not stay bottled up.


No need to regret things: whatever happened happened for a reason. It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Many a time what people do, they blame themselves for the break up.