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How to date a co-worker

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-05-27

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Although, it is said that work and play go hand in hand but when it comes to dating a co-worker, the saying doesn’t quite go well. Yes, if you are thinking of having an office romance, you must know that the ride will be bumpy ahead. If you are wondering why, there could be chances of things getting awkward in case everything doesn't go as you wished. Also, you can draw unwanted attention in office, plus there is a great chance of this affecting your work. We tell you the right ways to date a co-worker. This video here teaches how to ask co-worker for a date. There is always someone at your workplace who you like and wish to ask out but can’t. Today we tell you how to date a co-worker. First, know whether he or she is interested in you or not, if she or he is interested then be confident enough to just ask for a coffee date, spend enough time to know each other. Remember one thing, keep it a hush-hush affair, you don’t want the entire office to talk about your office romance. So, go ahead and watch the video to get a few tips as to how ask your crush for a date.
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