How to choose the right career

Office HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 26, 2016

Many a time we land up in a wrong career. Yes, it so happens that often we fail to make the right career choice and end up in a career that frustrate you, annoy you and does not let you grow. What actually lead to this wrong career selection? Kids first go for a stream that does not suit their expertise, if they see that majority of their friends are taking up science, they will take up science, if they see their friends going for commerce stream, they go with their friends’ choice and do not give any thought to their own expertise or passion. The outcome is certainly not very good; they end up in a career that they fail to excel in.  


Now, selecting the right career is another tricky job. People get influenced by the popular notions. People do not understand themselves, they do not understand their aspirations and follow the trend blindly, which is in all senses is wrong. In order to make the right career choices, first you need to understand your qualities, attributes and capabilities. You must never choose a career, where you are not able to accomplish the given tasks at work.

Second thing that you need to understand is your interest. Know what your interest lies in and go with your choice because sometimes you are capable of doing something but you are not interested in doing it, you will get frustrated.  Watch the video to know more.