How Heartfulness Meditation differs from others

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 19, 2016

How Heartfulness meditation differs from others



Our heart is the center of all the systems in our body. All our actions are administered by our heart. We feel through our heart. Yes, it is right that our brain supervises our actions but the fact cannot be ignored that there is always a slight interference of our heart. We make decisions and whatever decision we make, in a way it I our hearts desire. We live a very stressful life. Our minds our burdened, our souls are exhausted, our body desires relaxation and this is where heart can help us give our mind, body and soul the required serenity, relaxation and heart can help you achieve all that with Heartfulness meditation.



Heartfulness meditation differ from other forms of meditation



When meditating, you choose a peaceful place, you choose for a time when your mind will be less burdened and stressed and you do the same while practicing heartfulness meditation but still it is different from the other meditations. How is it different? It is different from almost all sorts of mediation. It is meditation regulated by heart; the heart is the center where you focus. Heartfulness meditation is supported by yogic transmission. In this you fine tune yourself. While practising heartfulness meditation you pray. Yes, prayer is a vital element in heartfulness meditation.