How Effective Are Masks In Preventing COVID infection? All FAQS Answered

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 08, 2021

While we all would agree that face masks provide some kind of protection against Covid-19 but as awareness about the disease has increased and new guidelines about the use of masks are released, we often wonder how we could maximize our protection against Covid-19. In this video, we try to get all your FAQ about masks answered in the simplest way possible.

Should We Wear Masks At Home?

Not in all cases, but doctors are advising that in some situations, wearing at masks is suggested even at home. So when exactly should we wear masks at home?

  • When we have a Covid patient at home, then it is important for not only the patient, but also caregiver and other family members to mask up.
  • If someone is visiting you at home, then you must wear a mask and make sure the visitor too is wearing the mask. Similarly, if you are visiting somebody, then keep your mask on .
  • Also, if you are staying at home but some other family member commutes on a regular basis, it is advisable to wear mask.
  • Scientists also believe that people who are living in a joint family set up where elderly, adults and children stay together everyone must wear mask at home to not only prevent themselves but to protect the vulnerable members of the family.

Double Mask For Double Protection?

If you have a Covid patient at home and you are visiting a public place, then double mask or N95 mask is advised which covers your nose and mouth completely. Cloth mask over a surgical mask is the right way for double masking.

America's top medical body has confirmed if you are wearing a double mask then your chances of getting infected by Corona reduced by 85% compared to single mask, where the protection is less than 52%.

Can Masks Give 100% Protection Against Covid?

The answer is 'No'

But if you are wearing double masks, or any kind of masks regularly, wash your hands for 20 seconds, avoid touching your mouth and hands, stay at home whenever possible and get a vaccine then the chances of COVID infection significantly reduces.

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