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How To Calm Your Crying Baby

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2010-08-18
Dr. Asha Sharma , gynaecologist, Rockland hospital, tells you how to calm your crying baby. Hold him/her in the "colic carry." Hold your baby in such a way that his/her stomach rests on your forearm and palm of your hand supports his/her head. You can swaddle the baby as some babies respond well to it. Most newborns usually experience pain in the stomach soput a warm washcloth on his/her tummy or just give him/her a warm bath. If a baby still cries because of pain, give a prescribed painkiller. Pain can be due to gas formation in baby’s stomach which happens when the bottle-fed baby inhales air in the bottle-nipple The best way to calm the baby is to make them burp.
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